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Our Vision

We aim to be a leading medicines provider, recognised globally for its unique generic and branded product portfolio of essential medicines made available for patients in a responsible and sustainable way.

Our Strategy

We invest in our systems and our people, focusing on quality and compliance, to provide long-term sustainable access to established, lower volume medicines serving often neglected sub-indications.

What we do

Essential Pharma (EP) ensures the sustainable supply of low volume, difficult to manufacture but clinically well-established pharmaceutical products to patients. These branded and generic medicines form an essential part of the pharmacopeia and represent many therapeutic areas. The company is an important partner to healthcare providers by providing medicines that otherwise would not be available.

Essential Pharma has worked with many of the largest pharmaceutical companies and key national health service stakeholders to ensure the continued supply of these well-established medicines to patients in as many countries as possible since 2000.


Our Growth Strategy

Essential Pharma has a long and successful track record and operates in more than 20 countries, including in the UK, EU, Asia and New Zealand, supplying a portfolio of over 150 essential therapies across multiple therapeutic areas.

Our growth strategy is based around identifying and acquiring at-risk products from global and regional pharmaceutical groups looking to streamline their product portfolios. We seek to maintain the supply of these products on a sustainable basis and at a fair price.